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They were said to live in the clouds high above the tallest mountains. Various tribes have different oral traditions about the magical Thunderbird, which they both highly respected and feared.

Thunderbird (mythology)

In Gros Ventre traditions, it was the Thunderbird who gave the sacred pipe to the people. Some Plains tribes , including the Arapaho , associated Thunderbirds with the summer season, while White Owl represented the winter season. In Algonquian mythology, the Thunderbird controls the upper world while the underworld is controlled by the underwater panther or Great Horned Serpent, from which the Thunderbird protects humans by throwing lighting at it.

According to their legends, the Thunderbirds were ancestors of the human race and helped to create the universe. The Menominee of Wisconsin tell of a great mountain that floats in the western sky, upon which the Thunderbirds live. From there, they control the rain. They are the enemies of the great horned snakes, called the Misikinubik, which they fight with to prevent them from overrunning the earth and devouring mankind.

They are said to be messengers of the Great Sun himself and delight in deeds of greatness. The Ojibway version is similar, in that the Thunderbirds fight underwater spirits. Their traditions also say that the Thunderbird is responsible for punishing humans who break moral rules.


They said that the bird was created by Nanabozho, a high spirit and cultural hero, and that the birds lived in the four directions and migrated to Ojibwe lands during the spring with other birds. They stayed until the fall when the most dangerous season for the underwater spirits had passed, at which time they migrated south with other birds. The Winnebago say that a man who has a vision of a Thunderbird during a solitary fast will become a war chief.

They also believe that the Thunderbird has the power to grant people great abilities. Why did you bring this rabbit? Thunderbird said, "Is he not truly an artful creature, after all? You mustn't worry about this rabbit. Naniboujou suddenly said to himself one day, "These brats treat me as though I am just a plaything. Don't they know I have come to take their feathers?

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The little thunderbirds shrieked. Quickly Naniboujou stripped their feathers from them.

Naniboujou and the Thunderbirds

Naniboujou actually took more feathers than he needed to make his arrow fly with force. Now the fledglings would never fly. He tied the feathers in a bundle and jumped away from the nest. Because he was a man-spirit, Naniboujou was not hurt when he came to the ground. Then he heard the sky open. It was his father the Wind. Suddenly, there was horrible lightning. It was the flashing eyes of the thunderbirds.

Thunder boomed over the earth. It was the thunderbirds' voices.

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  8. The thunderbirds sped at Naniboujou with their talons. Naniboujou clutched the bundle of feathers he had stolen. He would never give it up. He ran this way and that to get away from the thunderbirds. Even though he was a man-spirit, Naniboujou feared he would die. The booming and flashing, the blowing and crashing, finally caused Naniboujou to tire.

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