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To see the glory of God and to share in it should be the number one goal in each human life.

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God has no beginning and no ending. His Kingdom, power and glory are without beginning and without end, they are forever. Nothing in this life is forever—even suffering ends at death. Riches and power also end at death. The only thing that leaves this world with us is our souls, the God-like part of us that was given to us at conception and goes back to God for judgment at death.

God will judge each soul, and then will assign each soul a place of repose, peace and refreshment; or will assign the soul to a place of pain and suffering. This judgment will be permanent. Lord, help me remember that the goal of my life is entrance into Your Kingdom. Help me to carry that experience throughout each week.

Help me to always remember that the greatest power in life is from You. For Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory, of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages. Photo credit: Weeping Cherries.

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    Stavros Visit our site each day to read the Daily Devotion! Previous The Prayer Team. Paul was a man who was well taught and well educated. We can see through scripture that he had great natural ability Phil. An emotional response never has eternal value, and the Lord wants to activate His people to live in the reality of the Kingdom. This is done by the anointing. Is this your desire? Do you know that the anointing never has to run out from your life?

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    We can influence in many ways, but I want the anointing to influence. The flesh profits nothing, but the Spirit is eternal. God wants to do something in the Church. Do you understand that Church is more than a building?

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