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The museum showcases a range of art mainly from Bahamian artists through exhibitions, the Art Library, and the construction of the National Collection. The collection holds a variety of art pieces including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and photography. The Lucayan park features one of the most secluded beaches in all of Bahamas and is known for its charted underwater cave systems, one of the largest in the world.

The Lucayan National Park is filled with exotic plants and flowers along with a variety of waterbirds and saltwater fish. Visitors can also go hiking along the nature trails or have a picnic near the beach. Garden of the Groves is the best escape for those searching for tranquillity, nature, and beauty.

Things to do in Nassau

The acre park is dedicated to Mr. Wallace Groves, the couple that founded Freeport in The Garden features exotic plants and flowers, waterfalls, Bahamian birds, and other wildlife. The protected area is home to one of the most beautiful reefs in the Bahamas, which is excellent for those who want to swim with Bahamian marine life and explore the turquoise waters. The cay is also perfect for bird watching, picnics, and relaxation. Cable Beach in Nassau is famous for its clear, white sand and turquoise waters.

Known as the hotel district of Nassau, the area features five first-class, luxury hotels that line the beach. The beach is the perfect way to spend a relaxing day in Nassau, soaking up the sun or engaging in water sports and activities.


Cable Beach also has numerous dining options near the beach. Being owned by Disney, the island is the perfect place for a family vacation.

10 Unique Things to Do in The Bahamas

On the island, there are plenty of excursions to choose from, including guided jet ski tours, banana boat rides, parasailing, and snorkeling. Save to Wishlist. The Bahamas, an archipelago of around islands, is the quintessential relaxing Caribbean vacation spot. From gorgeous, white beaches and luxury hotels to historical sites and museums, the Bahamas has all the attractions you could possibly think of.

Here are the 20 best attractions that you need to see. The Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Port Lucaya Marketplace. Pink Sand at Harbour Island. Wyannie Malone Historical Museum.

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Blue Lagoon Island. Nassau Straw Market. Fort Fincastle. Fort Charlotte. Pirates of Nassau.

Water Activities

It's particularly popular served fried or in conch salad, a citrusy combination served cold - and it's rumored to be an aphrodisiac. Sweet Bahamian bread known as johnnycake is readily available, as well as fish dishes like grilled snapper and mahi mahi. The Fish Fry is the place to be for true local eats and a happening nightlife, while several high-end restaurants have sprung up with renowned chefs fusing Bahamian classics with American, European and Asian dishes.

As is true on most tropical islands, there is no shortage of bars serving up tropical drinks in Nassau, particularly anything with rum: Planters Punch, Bahama Mamas and the Goombay Smash. Hot Tips: Leave the upscale clothing at the hotel and don T-shirts and shorts when you hit the town.

2. Walk Queen’s Staircase

Most tourists shopping in Nassau flock to the Straw Market, as well as duty-free Bay Street, for local handicrafts, T-shirts and hats. Junkanoo, a street festival dating back to slavery, is the most vivid form of Bahamian cultural expression. Participants gather in the wee hours of the morning to "rush" in costumes down the main Bay Street in Nassau.

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Thousands of dancers and musicians adorned elaborate and colorful hand-made costumes and compete for top prizes in music and dance. The parade is most similar to Brazilian Carnival but instead of recorded music, "Junkanooers" shake cowbells, use whistles, blow brass instruments and beat goat-skin drums. The sea snail is a food staple in The Bahamas.

Eating it raw in a spicy conch salad is the most popular—a combination of diced conch, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, lime and scotch bonnet peppers seasoned to taste with salt and black pepper. Natives believe that conch is a natural aphrodisiac and often encourage couples to partake in the dish if they want to increase their fertility odds. Every year millions of tourists flock to Bay Street to enjoy a mix of pubs, cafes and art galleries and to bargain hunt and buy duty-free items. The Straw Market is the best place to find handcrafted straw goods including handbags, hats and dolls.

From taxi drivers to street side vendors, hospitality comes naturally to Bahamians. For a true local experience, the government offers a People-to-People program where visitors are paired with Bahamian families and spend a day sightseeing or storytelling over a traditional family meal. More than 4, brides exchange vows in The Bahamas every year and the numbers are growing. Couples should plan to be on island days prior to their actual wedding date.

The Top Things to Do in Nassau 2020

Bahamian law dictates that both the bride and groom must reside on island no less than one day prior to applying for a wedding license and that process takes between business days. Follow 10Best Like 10Best. Best Hotels View the List. Things to do in Nassau. Nassau Attractions 10Best Lists.

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