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Renovating the amphitheatre has created a large space, including an activity area and tiered seating for nearly people. In this way it encourages social mobility, education, stronger ties, and reduced violence.

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The charity builds workshops and collects donated musical instruments and music materials, repairing them where necessary for use in teaching music and instrument-making. The School has helped the children of La Colonia Vincente Guerrero, a slum at the foot of the Oaxaca municipal rubbish dump, to access cultural activities since With support from the Air France Foundation, they now have a music school and a wind instrument repair workshop, built in and This has resulted in geographic, economic and social isolation for women and teenagers, as in the case of Santa Rosa District.

In rural areas of Burma such as Mobye, schoolchildren are forced to walk, cycle or bus long distances to go and study due to the lack of infrastructure. Most children go to work in the paddy fields with their parents therefore, for pitiful wages. For almost 30 years, the hostel in Mobye has accommodated young people from villages in the south of Shan and Kayah States, so that they can continue their studies at secondary level and take part in special tutoring and educational activities provided by four teachers.

Unfortunately, the building has become too dilapidated and the young people need to be rehoused. This project involves building a new one that will be able to cater to an additional 50 students each year.

1. Le Pigalle

Krousar Thmey was founded in in refugee camps in Thailand. It helps integrate refugees through education in line with their traditions. At present, some 2, children from 14 provinces follow an appropriate long-term pathway in line with the Cambodian way of life. As a result, they are victims of abuse, trafficking and violence. The charity takes care of them when they arrive at the Poipet centre, which also strives to find permanent solutions for the young people and their families.

They attend school, benefit from medical care, and receive psychological support. Social workers organize outreach patrols to go out and meet the street children. They also help the families to start up income-generating activities. Its work focuses on achieving sustainable schooling for children in poor families.


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The military dictatorship had a retrograde effect on education in Burma. The new, democratically elected government is aware how far the country has fallen behind over the decades, but does not have the means to remedy the situation. Schooling costs money and delivers scant returns for the families. Promoting reading among children in rural communities For the past 25 years, Sipar has worked hand-in-hand with Cambodian communities to combat illiteracy and promote education for all.

It sets up reading corners and provides training in book-related trades.

Sipar initiates and develops voluntary work by encouraging the creation of Youth Clubs in deprived rural areas. They are tasked with managing and running the Youth Clubs in conjunction with Community Councils. They also undertake to lead activities such as promoting reading through mini-travelling libraries, providing additional tutoring for struggling primary school children, and running awareness campaigns among deprived rural communities.

The Sipar team is in charge of creating, monitoring and running the network. Les Enfants de Madaifu Association Marcel Roux en Chine Schooling for highly-vulnerable orphans For the past ten years and more, the charity has sought to relieve distressed orphans in disadvantaged areas of China.

In China, schooling becomes very expensive from High School onwards, because in addition to the school fees, children need to find accommodation in the towns when there are no boarding facilities; they also need to eat and pay for transport. The less fortunate children have to abandon their schooling. Launched in thanks to the Air France Foundation, the programme has so far helped 27 orphans from the countryside to stay in school.

The Friends of Annai Valanganni Orphanage AAVO — Kirubalaya was set up to provide help, development and integration for children in difficulty in Pondicherry and its environs through its reception centre and teaching team. Despite strong economic growth in India, many people are born, live, and die on the streets. In Pondicherry, very few charities are able to take street children under their wing.

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Kirubalaya, run by a nun, Sister Clara, has acquired real expertise in taking in, caring for, and integrating small girls. The project will fund an extension to the hostel to meet demand from the social services, which asked Sister Clara as a matter of urgency to take in a group of small girls who were victims of violence and sexual abuse.

The aim is, therefore, to increase the intake capacity to ensure adequate care for this new group. The charity aspires to help children living on the streets, or who are displaced or refugees, and involve local charities in order to ensure the long-term survival of its projects. UNICEF has estimated that in India there are some 10 million street children in big cities like Chennai and Pondicherry, which have no real urban planning policies.

Since , CSF has supported the creation of a clown collective in order to ensure a lasting framework for the artistic initiatives it has organized with street children in Tamil Nadu since This initiative supplements the work of child protection organizations. The aim is to increase the number of artistic activities and contribute to improving psychological and social care for vulnerable children. The children recover their self-confidence and are pa t of a home life. An estimated , children live on the streets of New Delhi; they are abandoned and at the mercy of all sorts of abuse and trafficking.

The government struggles to deliver an adequate response to the scale of the problem because social work is so underdeveloped. The Air France Foundation is funding the care for these boys. It renovates and builds new schools and libraries, provides families with school materials, promotes hygiene prevention and offers medical consultations. In Jaidu, in eastern Nepal, the Air France Foundation was asked to repair and renovate a primary school. It will also connect a hamlet with 70 homes to a spring. It also works to improve education, healthcare, work placement and self-sufficiency for deprived young people and their families.

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On Panay island, there are no centres catering specifically to girls who have suffered sexual abuse. There, they have access to medical, psychological, and therapeutic care, legal assistance, and extra-curricular activities and sports. There are plans also to integrate 60 girls aged into society after a four-year stay at the hostel and until the end of their higher studies. In the Philippines, despite a high rate of economic growth 6. English and Computer Skills are taught, and they also benefit from job guidance. This year, the Foundation is funding the cost of schooling for 40 disadvantaged girls.


It is a charity that builds villages to re-house the very poorest families and also helps to set up autonomous social enterprises to develop sustainable business activity. New graduates have few resources and are not equipped. As a result, the most brilliant students leave the countryside to fi d jobs in the cities or abroad due to the lack of opportunity in rural areas. The programme proposed prepares people for careers in social work and seeks to improve access to university for young people from the country. It is a pilot project that will be replicated to provide a quality education for thousands of young people in rural communities across the Philippines.

Mai Nha Children Foundation was set up in to provide quality care for the orphans and deprived children of Thien Nghiep, a village in south-east Vietnam. The children grow up in warm, secure surroundings. The present project is structured around three components. The first is an orphanage for 20 infants who will be raised in the orphanage until they become independent at around age The second initiative involves the distribution of school bursaries to deprived children in the village and support in matters of hygiene and healthcare.

Unfortunately, however, solidarity suffers from the struggles of day-to-day life. In addition, school infrastructure is insufficient and classes are overcrowded. A school was built there, but the facilities are now dilapidated and unsuitable.

A great deal of work was required both inside the school and outside. The children also need more training in hygiene. The Foundation financed the creation of toilets, the renovation of the kindergarten, the purchase of outside play equipment, and the renovation of the school kitchen. Projects supported in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean in Projects for vulnerable children.

The charity mainly works in Haiti, but also in eight countries in Latin America. Their lunch is provided free of charge by the charity and school fees are three times cheaper than at other schools in Haiti. Terre des Hommes Suisse Terre des Hommes Suisse operates on behalf of children and promotes development aid through some 50 programmes in nine countries in partnership with local charities.

The scars of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in are still very visible. Many families place their children with urban families, hoping to provide them with a more decent life, but they are often under-nourished, deprived of schooling, and sometimes used as slaves, pure and simple. They suffer violence and abuse and are completely cut off from their families due to distance.

Terre des Hommes Suisse supports the Maurice Sixto centres, which provide educational, psychological, and emotional support for these children, providing them with an opportunity to integrate mainstream society by overcoming the exclusion they suffer from. It seeks to reinvent the lives of these underprivileged children. To achieve that, the charity creates structures tailored to the needs of the child, improves their daily lives, and helps them into schooling. Mobilizing the parents is mainly achieved through mother-child workshops on health and hygiene, child development, education, and the importance of schooling.

The families undertake to work, to send their children to school, and to obey the fundamental rules of social living.