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I had come across the Kaleidoscope sample and wanted to make something out of it.

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Big Jon came by and we were talking about random stuff, when I remembered the Kaleidoscope thing. We then spent a couple of days trying to get the song right, and more time in L. What was the process like interpolating these soundbites into the song. The Kaleidoscope sample was the foundation on which we built the song.

It has a crazy groove so it took a while to chop it and manipulate it the way I wanted, and to get the verse drums sounding right. I then built the rest of the sections around that while we were writing the song.

I added the church congregation sample to create vibe and ambience. The chain gang Lomax sample I added last minute, because it felt so right for the message of the song. I wanted to make a collage of different sounds, so it felt nostalgic but not from one era, and I also wanted it to be powerful.

Just Blaze was brought in much later in the process to add his touches to the record, so I never got to meet him. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

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The evidence further reveals that Google allowed multiple parties to match their identifiers for the data subject with each other. Each Push Page is made distinctive by a code of almost two thousand characters, which Google adds at the end to uniquely identify the person that Google is sharing information about.

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This, combined with other cookies supplied by Google, allows companies to pseudonymously identify the person in circumstances where this would not otherwise be possible. All companies that Google invites to access a Push Page receive the same identifier for the person being profiled.

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The Push Pages are not shown to the person visiting a web page, and will display no content if accessed directly. The evidence includes a network log of all items including web pages and their component parts, files, etc. It further shows that Google has also facilitated the sharing of personal data about the Data Subject between other companies.

Download the explanatory note submitted with the evidence to the Irish Data Protection Commission.

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Deceptive and uncontrolled profile matching is the antithesis of the fairness and transparency principles of data protection. Unfortunately, the lawlessness at the heart of AdTech has begat a culture of data exploitation above data protection. The DPC must act fast to put an end to such practices. They are also vulnerable to abuse by other parties.

We are aware that companies other than Google have used the Push Page mechanism to establish their own Push Pages to share data with their own business partners.

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  7. Every time a person visits a website that uses RTB, data about them is broadcast to tens or hundreds of tracking companies, who let advertisers compete for the opportunity to show them an ad. The data can include the category of what they are reading — which can reveal their sexual orientation, [4] political views, [5] their religion, [6] and health conditions including AIDS, [7] STDs, [8] and depression.